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Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy

Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy Udemy Free download. This Facebook retargeting course will teach you how to bring back that 98% and convert ‘window shoppers’ into buyers!”.

This course is written by Udemy’s very popular author Michael Waknin. It was last updated on December 04, 2018. The language of this course is English but also have Subtitles (captions) in English (US) languages for better understanding. This course is posted under the categories of Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Facebook Marketing on Udemy.

There are more than 9367 people who has already enrolled in the Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy which makes it one of the very popular courses on Udemy. You can free download the course from the download links below. It has a rating of 4.5 given by 778 people thus also makes it one of the best rated course in Udemy.

The Udemy Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy free download also includes 7 hours on-demand video, 6 articles, 47 downloadable resources, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV, Assignments, Certificate of Completion and much more.

What am I going to learn?

If you are wondering what you are going to learn or what are the things this course will teach you before free downloading Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy, then here are some of things:

  • You will learn all about Facebook retargeting marketing
  • You will know how to attract 98% of potential clients back and make them buy
  • You will enjoy a business growth duo to returning clients
  • You will make a former buyer a regular buyer

What do I need?

These are the very few things you need first before you can free download Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy:

  • Basic FB ads knowledge
  • Option to submit code or plugin (WP) to your site.

Is this course right for me?

If you are still confused whether you should free download Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy or is it the course you are actually looking for, then you should know that this course is best for:

  • Whoever wants to bring back 98% of potential clients and make them buy.
  • What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

Course Description

Fact: While 2% of your prospects may convert after viewing your website, the other 98% who leave may never come back.

In this video course, I’m going to show you how to properly set up and use the power of retargeting on the Facebook platform.


Statistics show that, in general, only 2% of prospects convert.

The other 98% leave and may never come back to your site.

This means that any money you’ve invested to get people to visit has been lost.


If we take a closer look at those statistics, the big question becomes:

“Why do online shoppers leave without paying or taking some sort of action?”

Although there may be hundreds of reasons why a potential customer may not make a purchase, these five are some of the most common.


1) They were presented with unexpected costs.

2) They thought the price was too expensive.

3) They found a better price elsewhere.

4) They decided against buying.

5) They were just browsing.


With such a high percentage of people leaving your site, each with their own reasoning, is there any way to get them back without reinvesting more money into new clients?

The answer is, “Yes!”

This is what we call ‘retargeting’.


Facebook Retargeting marketing is gaining more and more popularity with website owners.

In fact, I’m sure you’ve run into retargeting ads targeted towards yourself!

Let me explain how they work…

Imagine you go to Google and type in a specific item that you’re looking to buy, say BBQ grills.


Let’s say this BBQ grill website owner sets up a Facebook retargeting campaign.  You’re interested but you don’t buy at that very moment.

Maybe you’re busy and you leave. 

Then you go to Facebook and see ads related to the site you just visited.

You’re intrigued and come back and buy.

Retargeting sealed the deal that you would buy from them.


According to a comScore study, “Retargeted ads led to a 1046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure!”


That’s a huge amount of people that, otherwise, would likely never have come back!

The best news about this? This course will show you exactly how you can do it for your own website – Enroll now!

Free Download Facebook retargeting marketing: Make ‘window shoppers’ buy

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